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Whether you’re looking to reward, motivate, improve teamwork, inspire or just get everybody away from their desks for a fun day out: London has it all. From conception to delivery, our London-based event team is there with you every step of the way for a perfect, stress-free day that you can feel good about. We source venues in London and organise team building activities, conference ice breakers, Christmas parties and immersive experiences.

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Top 10 team building venues in London

This month, we were on the search for the best team building venues across the capital. These are versatile venues with fun team challenges and activities designed to bring people together.


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Choose from 100+ London team building activities

We’re continuously sourcing and designing events that are fun, engaging and relevant to make teams more effective and help companies all over London become better places to work.

Looking for a bespoke event? Contact our events team.

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Our research reveals that only 53% of people working in London are happy at work, which is 10% under the UK average. However, study after study shows that happier employees are more engaged and motivated, more creative, they take ownership, provide better customer service, play more effective roles in teams and make better leaders.



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Featured events

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Treasure hunts

✓ Turn moving office into a fun team bonding experience

Just the idea of moving office can lead to worries and ripples throughout an organisation, especially if it is to another part of London. But as companies grow and rents increase, this is a common reality.

We use events to help business leaders navigate through major changes like this by minimising employee worries and creating excitement instead. We design fun activities like London treasure hunts, pub crawls and scavenger hunts around the new location to showcase all the best spots, from pubs, cocktail bars, parks and local markets to more practical places like the nearest tube stations and lunch spots – as well as a tour of the new office. Events like this not only excite employees about the future but take away the fear of the unknown.

Tv game show set

Gameshow marathon

✓ Get a new team working effectively together

When new teams are assembled, it’s important to get the people who don’t know each other to interact. Often when bringing new groups together it can take weeks if not months for individuals to fully integrate. However, you don’t always have the luxury of time. Planning a team building event for the first day is the perfect way to break down barriers quickly and accelerate building bonds.

We would recommend our quiz rounds, games and challenges inspired by TV and radio’s most iconic panel shows, such as The Generation Game, Through The Keyhole, They Think It’s All Over, Room 101, Whose Line Is It Anyway, The Crystal Maze, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Million Pound Drop, Have I Got News for You, Would I Lie To You, Countdown, QI, Mastermind and Just A Minute.

After an event like this, you’ll find people are less likely to be shy and embarrassed around one another.

Dragon's Den loft

Business growth day

✓ Generate ideas from across your organisation

As organisations grow, so does the ever-increasing gap between the leadership team and everyone else. It’s important to make sure your people know they have a say in their organisation’s future and encourage their ideas.

Our business growth day gets everyone involved, re-energising both ideas and people from all over the organisation. Teams will work together to brainstorm, develop and pitch new ideas and concepts to the company’s directors and senior managers. This can be anything that makes your organisation better, from suggestions on improving processes to coming up with new products, marketing campaigns or charity initiatives.

For an extra special touch of authenticity, we can even organise use of the original series of Dragons’ Den’s loft and hire in experts from your industry to join the panel.

How much does a team building activity in London cost?

This is a difficult question to answer off the cuff as no two companies are the same. The top team building companies know that there is no such thing as a standard client and don't tend to treat all participants in a similar way, but instead create and develop events entirely around their clients, the participants and events' objectives.

The event ideas on our website are just starting points. And not only do we offer so many event ideas at different price points, but often we also develop bespoke events from scratch based on our client's objectives.

Costs will also vary depending on the number of participants, whether or not you need to hire out a venue, the type of venue, length of the event, availability, theming and amount of staff needed.

However, if you’re just here looking for a figure as a guideline, if you have a budget of £150 per person there will be plenty of options in London for you, usually including catering.

We do offer budget options and value packages where we can and will always try to help. If we can't, we make it our business to point you in the direction of somewhere that can.

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